About Me

Longball-13Relative to most, I began playing golf much later in life. I trained at an elite ballet studio for 14 years and it was not until I began college I chose to take up the game of golf seriously. I became addicted to the game because I found that there were a lot of similarities that paralleled to my ballet training. I discovered that although it is extremely technical, you still have to use your feel and that it requires extreme dedication, determination and diligence. Once I discovered this, I immediately regretted not listening to my father and wished I took the game up competitively at a younger age.  However, as my passion for the game grew, I was able to make massive strides in my scoring averages. In July 2008 I played in my first golf tournament, I made the cut and broke 80 for the first time. This fueled my drive to continue my progression given that I had only been working on my game for one year. Due to my performance at this event I was offered a golf scholarship to the University of British Columbia. My golf game has continued to improve each year, evident in the drop in my handicap from a 36 to a +1 since 2007.

With my continual improvement every year, I am excited to continue working as hard as I can to become one of the best players in the world.